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2012 BMT WBM Award for 2nd and 3rd Year Civil and Environmental Engineering Students

Since 2001, BMT WBM has sponsored an annual award for Civil and Environmental Engineering students. The award is open to all 2nd and 3rd year students at the University of Queenland, Griffith University or Queensland University of Technology. The award is aimed at students with an interest in a career in Environmental Consulting, particularly in the Fields of Water Quality, Flood Hydraulics and Coastal Processes. The prize will be awarded on the basis of the entrant's curriculum vitae and a 1000 word essay on any one of the following four topics:


Discuss the likelihood of major inland rainfall coinciding with severe ocean storm conditions along the East Coast of Australia.


The impacts of tropical cyclones concerning wind damage and the seawater inundation of the adjacent land areas are well documented.  Similarly, the damage caused by cyclonic waves to nearshore areas and ports/marinas is well known. These two components are typically studied individually i.e. not considered as a combined impact.

Discuss the potential correlation between these two aspects and the likely implications of considering them separately. 


A major mining company is proposing to develop a mineral resource that will have a large daily demand for freshwater to support processing requirements. One of the methods being considered to meet this demand is construction of a nearby desalination plant. As an environmental fluid dynamics and ecological expert, you have been invited to provide a proposal of services to assess the likely or potential environmental impacts on the marine environment due to the brine return water discharge. Specifically, the ultimate goal of the work will be to of secure all relevant environmental approvals pertaining to the discharge.

Develop a methodology to fulfil this commission, including broad scheduling and costs. Describe and (approximately) cost all tasks that you think are required from project initiation to closeout. You can assume that you have all in-house skills required across various teams relating to support services such as (for example), admin support, field data collection or expert legal services etc.


Describe the evolution of urban stormwater management in Australia, including previous and likely future practices.

 The winner will be provided with an offer of 12 weeks' vacation work as a student engineer at BMT WBM, as well as $1000 cash. Opportunities for carrying out a 4th year thesis project with BMT WBM assistance will also be discussed with the winner.

BMT WBM is one of Queensland's largest specialist environmental consultancies with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists. Further details on the company can be found at www.bmtwbm.com.au

The closing date for submissions is 7th September 2012. The application should include the essay and current curriculum vitae describing previous work experience, academic results and other extra-curricular activities/achievements.

Entries can be submitted by email to: WEGgraduateaward@bmtwbm.com.au  or to:
PO Box 203 Spring Hill 4004 Atn: WEG Business Coordinator

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Job Title No. Vacancies Location
Senior Engineer/Scientist (Fixed Term with potential for permanent after 12 months) 1 London or Northern England (UK)
Senior/Principal Flood Risk Engineer/Scientist - TUFLOW UK Software Operations 1 London or Nationwide (UK)
President, Critical Infrastructure, Americas 1 USA - Preferably near existing BMT offices in Houston or Escondido