BMT SMART is presenting at European Marine Intelligence Conference

The strategic use of ‘big data’ to monitor, maintain and manage equipment on board vessels represents a seismic shift for the shipping industry.

EMIC logoThe analysis of equipment data allows businesses to undertake remote, real time onshore monitoring of equipment performance, forestall problems and inform long-term purchasing and commissioning decisions. The implications are potentially huge, with significant benefits on everything from fuel consumption, and maintenance, crewing costs and safety to future ship and equipment design.
 Rather than being a technology of the future, this is happening now, meaning that competitive advantage is being gained by early adopters of the available technologies.
 This is why Riviera is holding the Marine Intelligence Conference. Here, ship owners and operators can learn from a range of industry experts just how big data can be and is being harnessed to streamline and revolutionise shipping businesses today and get a view of how it will shape tomorrow.

BMT SMART Peter Mantel will present a paper at this event.

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  • Date

    17 April 2018

  • Time

    09:00 - 17:00

  • Location

    Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel


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